Year 3: Gallery

Campfire Treat - March 2021., by Miss Jenkinson

Bonfire delights, by Miss Moon

Self Portraits, by Miss Moon

Colour Mixing, by Miss Moon

Frightful fun!, by Miss Moon

Willow Weaving, by Mr Yearsley

Wind in the Willows, by Miss Moon

Egyptologists, by Miss Moon

Little Egypt, by Miss Moon

Maths Talk, by Miss Moon

Night Zoo Keeper, by Miss Moon

Carols on the Car Park, by Miss Moon

Fencing assembly, by Miss Moon

Stone Age Day, by Mrs Myatt

The Lake District Trip, by Miss Jenkinson

Year 3 love cricket! , by Miss Jenkinson

St Helens Open Art Competition , by Miss Jenkinson

Harry Potter Book Night, by Mrs Potter

Y3 Stone Age WOW day , by Miss Jenkinson

Y3's Christmas party & toy day, by Miss Jenkinson

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