Link Governors

Alongside their respoilibities on the sub committees and as part of the full governing body, governors also have link governor responsibilities - linked to a class and linked to particular areas of responsibilities. These are as follows:


Special Needs                                   Jill Braithwaite

                                                            Brenda Ashcroft

                                                            Sharon Green


Target Setting                                   Ian Green       


Teaching & Learning                        To be shared across the Governing Body



Health, Personal Development

& Well-being                                      Brenda Ashcroft



Link Governor                                   Brenda Ashcroft


Governors’ Forum                            Andy Simpson


Safeguarding, Child Protection

and Children in Public Care                        Sue Murphy


Leadership & Management                         Sue Murphy


Equality                                           Marilyn Riding


Computing                                         Ian Green


Literacy                                              Lucy Myatt


Numeracy                                          Jane Hand


Gifted & Talented                             


Pupil Premium                                 Cllr Murphy


Sports Premium                                Jane Hand


Website                                            Ian Green


International Links                            Marilyn Riding             

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