Self Improving School

At Garswood we are always looking for ways to improve. We do this both formally and informally. For instance, if we spot a system or process isn't working or think there may be a better way to do it, we make changes - sometimes following consultation with other stakeholders such as parents, children, staff, Governors.


An example of this from this school year is our change to the collection arrangements for infants at the end of the school day. We believed it could be improved - made some changes and consulted with parents and staff on the successes of these. Everyone who responded to the consultation believes it has been a change for the better.


We also take a more formal approach to planning improvements for the school and formulate a School Improvement Plan each year. This takes into account the outcomes from the previous year and what the data is telling us. It also considers the monitoring that has taken place including observations, surveys, scrutinies of children's work, new research or Government agendas and any external reviews (when we have asked others to evaluate our work at school).


This year some of our school improvement priorities - the things we are working on - are;

  • To further improve the teaching of mathematics to impact on improved pupil outcomes
  • To further improve attendance, especially of those children who are disadvantaged
  • To sharpen the actions plans of non-core subjects such as history and geography to ensure a clear link between strategies and impact on outcomes


In 2016 - 2017 some of the success we had in improving our school include:

  • Deepened children's understanding of their responsibilities as developing citizens in modern Britain through involvement in the 'Real Junk Food' project;
  • Secured depth and mastery across all subjects in the curriculum with opportunities to further develop talents whilst ensuring our curriculum has remained exciting and interesting;
  • Further developed and deepened our whole school science curriculum approach through embedding a systematic approach to scientific enquiry - investigative and experimental work and linking this closely with a finely tuned assessment system.


In 2015 - 2016 some of the success we had in improving our school include:

  • Evaluating and improving the systems in place to support children with additional needs in acquiring and applying phonic (sounds made by letters) knowledge. The introduction of Family Phonics had a positive impact.
  • Development of our understanding of maths mastery and embedding this across the school ensuring all pupils, including the most disadvantaged progress well in mathematics.
  • Helping our children to develop their resilience through the introduction of Forest Schools across the school. 

In 2014-2015 some successes we had when improving our school include;

  • Providing nursery placements at the school to enable us to have an impact on children's learning and development from an earlier starting point
  • Developing an extensive outdoor provision in Early Years Foundation Stage with more opportunities for children to be independent and develop their curiosity in a natural environment
  • Helping children to develop a deeper understanding of key mathematical concepts and apply these accurately during contextualised problem solving.

Though we consult formally with our stakeholders through surveys, we are always open to discussion about moving the school forward. Please contact the school if you would like to discuss this further.

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