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Welcome to Garswood:

Welcome to Garswood Primary School.  We hope that your stay with us is a happy and valuable one.  At Garswood we appreciate that trainees come from a variety of backgrounds and as such we look forward to the benefit and experience that you can bring to our pupils.  During your stay with us we want you to feel that you are a professional colleague – albeit one who is “learning the trade”, and would hope that you would respond to this by entering into the life of the school as fully as you can.


What you will find on the Teacher Training Page:

It is important that all trainees learn about the values and ethos of Garswood Primary whether their visit be in placement or virtual.  We consider these values and the emotional wellbeing of our pupils and staff just as important as the Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment that are delivered at Garswood.  We hope that this page will provide Trainee Teachers with the tools they will need to become part of the Garswood Family.  The site will be growing according to Trainee requests and relevant information as and when it changes.  Please feel free to scroll to he bottom of the page to find videos and resources that will help you to gain a fuller picture of Garswood and please feel free to request additonal information as and when it is needed.


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When you start your Garswood journey you will be allocated a St.Helens log in to our active directory and will be able to access more information via our central server. 


Aims of the School:

We are concerned at Garswood to teach more than the subjects of the National Curriculum.  Garswood School aims to offer its community a way of learning for life based on the broadest range of experiences.

We encourage both independence of mind and spirit, and the recognition of individual and collective responsibility. We wish to include everyone in the task of providing our children with the knowledge and skills to take full advantage of the opportunities offered to them. We give pride of place to respect for oneself, and respect for others.


All this reflects a concern to focus on what children will need as citizens in a changing world. As a result the broad aims of the school are based around three key ideas.

We want our children to become:


  • successful learners, who enjoy learning and achieve well
  • confident individuals, able to live a safe, healthy and fulfilling life
  • active and responsible citizens who will make a positive contribution to the well-being of present and future generations


To achieve these aims we are committed to working with them and others as partners, to foster an enjoyment of learning, to motivate, and teach our children that determination is needed to succeed.


Children will learn the basic skills of English, Mathematics and Computing. They will learn to communicate effectively, to be creative and to develop enquiring and open minds. They will be encouraged to explore the world around them, to take risks, be resilient and to learn from their mistakes.


At Garswood we firmly believe that children should have opportunities to learn outside the classroom through visits, visitors and through effective use of the school grounds and local community. We actively encourage all trainee teachers to plan effective opportunities for LOTC whilst on their placement.


They will need a supportive environment which promotes both independent and collaborative learning. We will give them lots of opportunities to take the initiative and to form good relationships. We will collectively value each child. Through a growing self-belief and self worth each child will learn to resist negative pressures, and to make informed choices.


To achieve all this we will need to inspire our children to delight in learning.


We will celebrate talents and ambitions, promote healthy lifestyles and help children understand that respect for the beliefs, needs and rights of every single person is an essential part of a civilised, inclusive and multicultural society.


In short we will together empower our children to believe they can change things for the better.

It is important to remind ourselves just what it is that makes our school special –

Every child matters to the Garswood family.

The school has developed policies and practices to deliver these aims.




and Finally......

We hope you find your relationship with Garswood to be educational, informative and welcoming to develop your future career, we just hope that you love the teaching profession as much as we do and find the vocation that rewards you on a daily basis. 

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