Nursery Provision


We are delighted to have a wonderful nursery provision at Garswood School for 3-4 year old children and, as of January 2024, we now also have an amazing 2 year old provision.

We offer funded places

which can be taken flexibly to suit your needs, as well as wrap around care and additional sessions.

7.30am until 5.30pm 




The Nursery setting is a large, yet cosy space with extensive indoor and outdoor provision. There are seperate areas for the two year olds and for the three - four year olds.

The staff provide a warm and caring environment whilst being focused on opportunities that will support the children's early learning and development.





The Nursery children are welcomed into Nursery every morning, with the chance for parents to chat with the staff and ensure a smooth transition.

Our Nursery provision not only provides a warm, welcoming and caring environment - it also provides children with the best possible start to school life.


Our school based provision allows all children the chance to have quality early development opportunities from highly trained staff. The provision is excellent to prepare children for their Reception year, wherever this may be but especially ideal for those intended to come to Garswood Primary School.

It is a perfect opportunity to settle children into routines. We also work with other childcare providers when parents wish to split their funding across two nursery settings - enabling all  children to benefit from our provision. 

We have found it makes a very positive and significant impact on their wellbeing and achievement. 


To secure a place for your child contact the school office on

01744 678290 and speak with

Mrs Marie Chadwick, the School Business Manager

Mrs. Kay Wood, our Nursery Clerical Assistant.


It is never too early to put your name on to the list to secure a place.

Alternatively, if you would like further information or a tour of the setting, contact the school and speak with...

Mrs Pamela Potter, Head teacher,

Mrs. Sue Bagshaw, our Early Years Lead,

Mrs Helen Dodd our Nursery Teacher, 

Mrs Samantha Cripps, Nursery Manager.



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