Garswood is a very popular school with very high academic standards. There are 210 children on roll from Reception to Y6 as at September 2023.

Parents are encouraged to place their children's names on our contact register kept in the school office and are always welcome to visit school, to look around and to ask questions about the way we do things here. In our security conscious world it is better to telephone first to make an appointment in order that the Head Teacher or another member of staff may make themselves available to guide you around school.

Nursery Places

We now have superb Nursery facilities for children aged 2 or upwards at the time of admission.  In the Nursery we have highly qualified staff, an extensive outdoor provision, and provide a caring and welcoming environment in our happy, high achieving school.  Details of sessional times and costings can be obtained from Mrs Chadwick, the School Business Manager.

For 2 year old provision please contact the school office.

Forour 3 year old provision, we have 48 FEEE Funded places - 24 morning and 24 afternoon, with the option for Wrap Around Care.

It is important that an application form is submitted by the relevant closing date:

  • 30th April for September admissions (i.e. child is 3 before 1st September)
  • 17th October for January admission (i.e.child is 3 before 1st January)
  • 31st January for April admission (i.e. child is 3 before 1st April)

If more applications are received than the number of places available at Nursery, the Governing Body will use the following criteria, in order of priority, for deciding how places will be allocated.

  1. Looked After Children or previously Looked After Children
  2. Sibling attending the school
  3. The distance from home to Nursery


In the event of any oversubscription in the number of applications made under any of the categories above, the Governing Body will offer places firstly to children aged 3 before 1st September, then children aged 3 before 1st January and children aged 3 before 1st April whose family home is nearest to the school.  The measurement shall be done in a straight line using a Geographical Information System (GIS).

Applications received after the closing date will  be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis only if places are still available.  If the Nursery is the full child's name will be added to the waiting list which will be held in order of the criteria detailed above.

If we are unable to offer your preferred day/time you may be contacted and offered an alternative.  A response will be required within 24 hours before the alternative will be withdrawn in order that it can be offered to the next eligible applicant.

Exciting times ahead !

From January 2024 we will be opening a 2 Year old provision at school.  Application forms are available from the office.  If you would like to speak to a member of staff or organise a tour of the setting please contact school and ask to speak to Mrs. Kay Wood, our Nursery Clerical Assistant.


Primary School Places

In the year your child is four, you will be invited to fill in an Admissions Form and make a choice of school. Admissions will be made according to St. Helens' Admissions Policy. A copy of the policy and the admissions form can be obtained from the school office from the end of September or alternatively click on the link below. 


If your child will be 4 years old between 1st September 2023 and 31st August 2024 you will be able to apply on-line for a primary school place for September 2024. However, in the meantime you should also consider making further enquiries about our nursery. It really can help your child in readiness for their transition into school.


Please note: securing a place at the nursery does not increase your chance of securing a place at the school. However, it does enable your child to become familiar with the school environment and allow them the opportunity to experience a seamless transition if they do secure at place at the school.



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