Parental Feedback

We value parental contribution to improving our school and we are also delighted when parents express their satisfaction with their experiences of Garswood Primary.

Annual survey:

We complete a formal survey with parents annually and this year we were delighted with the outcomes. In fact, in every question, parents rated Garswood very much higher than average.

In our 2023/24 survey not only did parents rate us highly, they also provided some wonderful feedback.

From those who felt they could answer and did not respond with 'don't know' - 

  • 100% responded that their child is happy at this school
  • 100% responded that their child feels safe at this school
  • 100% responded that the school makes sure pupils are well behaved
  • 100% felt that either their child had not been bullied or that if they had experienced bullying, it had been dealt with effectively.
  • 98% have either not raised concerns with the school or felt that when they have raised concerns they have been dealt with properly
  • 100% of parents felt the school has high expectations of their child and 98% felt their child does well at this school
  • 100% felt that the school promotes equal opportunities for all.
  • 98% would recommend this school to another parent

Some of the comments include:


We all think very highly of Garswood Primary and it does feel like one big family. You care about our kids as much as we do. You listen and act on any issues or concerns. (Parent - 23/24 survey)


Excellent education provided from nursery up, lots of opportunities for extra curricular and friendly welcoming school. (Parent - 23/24 survey)


It is incredibly inclusive and doesn’t just provide children with the ability to learn through their subjects but to learn how to develop their social skills, look after their mental health and help guide them to build a happier, diverse world for everyone once they leave school. (Parent - 23/24 survey)


Provides excellent teaching on a good range of subjects, including forest school. Also feel the school cares for the emotional wellbeing of the children.  Provides lots of extracurricular activities. (Parent - 23/24 survey)


There were so, so many positive comments and thank you to everyone who took the time to respond. It does mean a great deal.

In terms of moving the school forwards, we have welcomed the feedback and continue to act to address any matters raised. We have sought costs to widen the school path but unfortunately budget constraints prohibit the works at the present time.





In our 2022/2023 survey

  • 100% of parents agreed their child is happy at Garswood.
  • 100% of parents/carers agreed their child does well at this school.
  • 70 out of 71 respondants would recommend this school to another parent.
  • No one felt their child is not safe at Garswood.
  • No one felt that that the school does not make sure pupils are well behaved. 

Alongside this more formal consultation we also have an open door policy. What this means is that if ever parents have anything they want to find out more about or discuss with us - we are always happy to arrange to meet.


Here are some comments from this year's survey:

"Garswood is a school where there is a place for every child to grow and believe every child is unique. They allow children and parents to create lasting memories at the school. There is always staff visible and on hand to answer any questions. Garswood CP is at the heart of the community." - Parent on the 22/23 survey


"The school has welcomed my children after they had moved schools, they have engaged well and are helping my children with any gaps in learning. We have seen a massive difference in both our children academically and with their confidence, through the support they have received" -  Parent on 22/23 survey


"We will be very sad when [our child] leaves Garswood at the end of the year. It has been an absolute joy for her to attend, we always say it was one of the best decisions we ever made as parents to choose Garswood as her primary school! She has made so much progress at school, not just academically, but socially too. School offers so many opportunities for the children and the staff do an amazing job." -  Parent on 22/23 survey

"Spread the Joy"

During our Spring term Parents Evening we asked Parents to fill out these comment slips if they felt they wanted to.

  These are some of the responses we got.....


We also asked parents to 'Spread the Joy' as they were reading through their child's work books. 

They filled out comment slips and included them as positive feedback for their child to read about a specific piece of work, next time they open up their book to work. 


How quickly the children have settled into school loves teachers, she gets lots of support    – Queenie

Sadie loves blocks and the home corner

I love school -Sadie

How everybody is kind – Joe 

How much you try to support, encourage and motivate the kids. Think about them all and adapt to be inclusive. The amount of encouragement available for the kids. – Holly 

Happy, supportive and inclusive environment. Lovely teachers, support staff and a brilliant head teacher. – Flynn 

Excellent quality of teaching. Lots of opportunities for extracurricular subjects.

Good experiences- visits for children for example, the poet Paul Delaney. Teaching children to have a love for books and reading. – William 

The friendships he has made, he also loves PE and coding. He loves his teacher Miss Jenkinson, says she is fun and friendly. – William 

Friendly staff and helpers too from year 6, Keeping everything running as smoothly as possible. Lovely to look through our children’s books while we wait too! -Kelly 

The y6 children were incredibly welcoming and informative. They kept everything very well organised. – Mrs A

Great to speak to the teachers face to face and get supportive feedback about the children. – Adele 

The safety at Garswood is amazing and the learning is amazing. – Lexie

I can play football. – Isaac 

Oliver is so happy coming into school and we love all of the opportunities he has had to develop here. We are extremely thankful of all that you do and know Oliver is too. 

I like about Garswood ...  all of the fun activities.

Dedicated teachers who always go the extra mile. I appreciate you all so much.

A warm and happy environment were our children feel safe.

Includes everyone. Lots of fun activities and school trips. School motto – be kind, respectful & ambitious. Lovely, helpful & approachable staff. - Jo 

Football at breaktime & English.

The teachers are very nice, kind & caring. The boys love Mrs Jenkinson.



I honestly don’t think I could think of anything to improve. I am more than happy with the Nursery provision possibly more trips to the local area such as the library, but I understand this is difficult and takes a lot of planning. The nursery is a warm and welcoming environment. I have always felt confident leaving the children there and that they are well cared for. I have enjoyed watching two children blossom with the nursery environment and feel it’s the perfect preparation for Reception. The wrap around care is also amazing. – Violet

All the teachers & staff are lovely & approachable. Lots of good friends. Everyone is kind & helpful. Pupil of the day compliments.

I like my friends in this school. – Amber

Staff are lovely & approachable & helpful. Lots of afterschool activities & fun activities during school time. School trips. – Jo 

My child loves everything about Garswood. He has the best teacher in the world, she has taught him so much and she has so much care, love and enthusiasm for the children that she works with. We are very grateful. – Joanna 

Both my grandchildren love to come to school as it is welcoming and friendly. They get lots of support when needed and enjoy playing with friends and learning.

Friendship, education, development, inclusivity, safety, life lessons, responsibility & an enjoyable place to be, develop & learn. -  Andrew 

Emmie loves coming to school every day. She adores her teachers and playing with all of her friends in a supportive environment. Emmie loves telling us all about everything she has learned every day. - Lisa 

I love activities and PE. – Layla

Variety of learning available to our children, lots of interaction. - Nicola 

How William absorbs information he has learnt at school. The experience that are offered to the children. - Natalie 

Mrs Dodd - Libby

Zaylan loves coming into school! He enjoys all of the activities & reading different stories. He has made lots of new friends & has really improved socially. – Danielle.

Absolutely everything, he loves coming into school

We would love to come and join Ollie for a day so he could show us his favourite place.

Staff are just the best!

We love how supportive the staff have been to keep Alexa on track and happy in school and home {incredible years} they really care about the children.


The way the staff utilise the amazing lessons and settling in with the children. Also, how the children respond to everything they are exposed to and  experience. Matilda always comes home happy and excited to tell us about her day. 

I like the toys, the teachers, I eat lots of food and snacks, I like playing outside, I like playing shop with my friends – Violet,

I like the playground, people and subjects. – Dougie 

Child’s opinion: Because I get to be with my friends and learn fun things. Parent’s opinion: Fantastic school! – Alicia & Ethan .

Community, Great Learning opportunities, Extracurricular activities, Great school trips, Supportive staff -  Max & Ollie 

Support and  guidance for the children and parents. A friendly place for children to grow and learn.

Rosie loves the good teachers, Playground, Amazing school trips, breakfast and after school clubs and it always makes her happy – Zarah

Kind, caring environment for my children where they feel safe & welcome. An amazing education with outstanding teachers. – Kara

Our daughter loves coming to Garswood nursery and in just a few months her confidence has improved so much. The teachers are fantastic and encourage your child to be the best that they can be.

Emmie loves everything about nursery! The fun, the mess, the teachers, playing with her friends. The staff and how well Mrs Dodd has done with Emmie in such a short time.- Hanna

Enjoy looking through the children’s work and listening to how they are getting on, in there progress. Very relaxing evening. – Natalie 

Love being with my friends and I have always wanted to be in this school. – Alicia & Ethan

Charlie loves his teachers, he is very happy in y4. He loves being with his friends and playing football. He doesn’t really like any kind of work but he does really like school. 

A safe school, fun and secure pathway through education. – Megan 

A warm welcoming and fun place to learn where the children feel safe and comfortable, We LOVE IT! We are every grateful Rory is able the attend such a  lovely school. The staff are caring and passionate.

A wide variety of opportunities for every child. Being with all of his friends and learning history and computing. How much the staff care so much for their students. – James

Darby loves coming to this school! She loves all the fun things she does during the day she also loves making new friends and growing bonds with teachers. – Darby

Offers a lot of opportunities for the children to learn in different ways. – Lola 

The nature, love and care that y2 provide to Megan. 

Emmie loves everything about nursery! The place the stuff, the fun! She enjoys playing with her friends and helping others. 

All of my boys enjoy the exciting and engaging activities that you do. They always tell me about their day.- Harrison and Noah 

He loves that his brother is at the same school and he gets to see him. He like his teachers, I don’t think you could change anything about the school. I think the school is very impressive because of all the care the children get I also think the children also get a lot of welcoming and peace. - Reece 

Our child loves Garswood because the teachers are just the best! He loves coming to school because he gets to see his friends and everything about the school. – Ollie




Garswood is a brilliant school, well organised and always friendly.  Amazing staff including Kay in the office, always more than happy to help, Alfie loves all the staff and enjoys coming to school every day

My child loves school and enjoys learning at every opportunity, everything Garswood has to offer has impressed us. – Daisy

Staff are lovely and approachable and helpful. Lots of after school activities and fun activities during school time. School trips. – Jo D

Regular updates from school via text and twitter. – Ashleigh

She has loved all of her teachers so far, enjoys forest school, and loves the house competitions. – Ashleigh 

Diversity. Enjoyable place to learn opportunities. – Nicola 

Excellent education and a great community. – Alicia and Ethan 

Bobby loves his teachers and friends. – Marie

Bella loves all aspects of school life, she has lots of friends and loves being part of the school community. 

A warm and happy environment were our children feel safe. – Adele 

Happy, supportive and inclusive environment. Lovely teachers, support staff and a brilliant head teacher. – Jess and Mark 

Respect and kindness because we show it everyday. – Louie (child)

Oliver is so happy coming into school and we love all of the opportunities he has had to develop here. We are extremely thankful of all that you do and know Oliver is too. 

All the students work very hard. Well done to all year 6 children. Thank you to all the teachers for helping pupils reach their full potential. – Dheen 

Being kind, friendly and helpful. – Isaac

History, Geography, English my favourite out of all 3 is history. I like school. – Barnaby 

Sophie loves to come and see her friends and play games. – Hanna 

All the differenty activities, Garsmart, school council etc. – Adele 

Howie and Rex love Miss Jenkinson! – Leanne 

How well the teachers know my children and recognise their needs. A safe and nurturing environment where children can be theirselves and grow. – Leanne 

Happy and safe place to learn and grow. Mia loves being at Garswood! – Gemma 

How much fun they have learning playing with their friends when people come in to speak to them. – Nicola 

How polite the children are and how supportive the staff are. The fun things the school do e.g. Garswood got talent and that the teachers get involved. – Nicola 

I have always loved how welcoming Garswood is as a school. Every member of staff you see is kind, friendly and happy to help. Teachers are always accessible if you have any concerns. Parents are always made to feel as part of the learning journey. – Zarah 

That the teachers always help us and they are really kind. – Natasha

The effort that all the staff put into helping the children to develop and extra cirricular activities. – Pam 

Lots of support and guidance with learning. A caring and nurturing environment where children are happy and can thrive in thir learning. – Gemma 

Darby loves to come to nursery she loves to learn and she loves exploring with her friends and she loves getting messy and enjoys exploring. – Chelsie


Garswood offers children to do different types of learning to match their skills, how much the teachers care and how well they want their children to do – Finlay

Garswood encourage us to keep us going and not to give up. People are kind, helpful &friendly -  Ethan 

It’s fun, and I love all the lessons and learn new things all the time, the teachers are amazing helpful. I love it. - Lewis 

How good the lessons are & how kind everyone is. - Adham

P.E and playing with friends & learning my science and maths - Deacon 

 A good education and fun is two of the many things Garswood offers and helps me enjoy school a lot

How the people are very nice & welcoming - Ayda 

A kind and friendly learning environment. Fantastic standard of teaching of wide variety of extra curriculum activities. 

Rosie likes going on the school trips and how new guests visiting the school. This is a school were you can feel happy and safe with your child’s learning . Zarah 

I love the books from the year 6 corner / mini -library I also think that I have great friends here and the best teacher Mr Yearsley  - Spencer 

I think that the teaching in this school is exceptional and I wouldn’t rather go to any other school because everything in this school is excellent  - James 

I love the overall vibe of Garswood Primary School 

The teachers are enthusiastic which drives encourage to  the pupils and makes there parents happy . 

He says he loves the teachers he loves his friends and how kind everyone is. The teachers and staff's approach to the learning is amazing. 




On occasion parents take the time to write to us. This is particularly heart-warming and here are some extracts.

"We have watched our children grow edging towards those dreaded teenage years, and what we’ve seen is nothing short of remarkable.  They have turned from those teary eyed 4 year olds to strong, confident young people.  Young people who want to learn, they’re not forced to do it or feel pressure if they don’t do something right, they want to do it, they want to learn, to better themselves and are constantly encouraged to do their best.  And what does all that bring, it brings confident, happy young people who are comfortable with who they are and where they are going."   Y6 Parent


"You change children’s lives, you breed confidence, you alter the way they approach challenges in life – basically what you do really, really, REALLY matters as there is nothing more important in our lives as our children. We applaud every single one of your team for the effort and care they put in. We congratulate the children, teachers and staff at Garswood Primary for everything they have done, every single one of you should stand tall and proud of what you have achieved.  Thank you!" - Y6 parent


"Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for [my child] from when he started with you as a 4 year old, right now to embarking on his next steps to high school.

I honestly feel that he wouldn’t have developed into the brilliant young person that he is today without all of your contributions, I have never had any worries about him being cared for by Garswood and you have set him up for success for the rest of his life.

Every single member of staff have all been fantastic over the last 7 years and you don’t get enough credit for what you do. Especially this last year, you’re all amazing!

I could never thank you all enough! THANK YOU!! - Y6 parent 2021

Remote Feedback:

As the year 2020-2021 has been a year of working both remotely and within school we valued our parental feedback more than ever.  We regaulry asked parents to give their opnions and thoughts about what was working well and what we could change to ensure learning within the classroom and through Microsoft Teams was equally effective.  We have collated our results of various elements of feedback below.  Click on the presentations to find out how Garswood staff, pupils and parents all worked together to keep us remotely togetehr during the pandemic.

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