Parental Feedback

We value parental contribution to improving our school and we are also delighted when parents express their satisfaction with their experiences of Garswood Primary.

Remote Feedback:

As the year 2020-2021 has been a year of working both remotely and within school we valued our parental feedback more than ever.  We regaulry asked parents to give their opnions and thoughts about what was working well and what we could change to ensure learning within the classroom and through Microsoft Teams was equally effective.  We have collated our results of various elements of feedback below.  Click on the presentations to find out how Garswood staff, pupils and parents all worked together to keep us remotely togetehr during the pandemic.


Annual survey:

We complete a formal survey with parents annual and this year we were delighted with the outcomes. In fact, in every question, parents rated Garswood very much higher than average. The company who ran the survey for us commented that this was one of the highest-scoring surveys they have seen all year (and they survey more than 100,000 parents every year)!

Alongside this more formal consultation we also have an open door policy. What this means is that if ever parents have anything they want to find out more about or discuss with us - we are always happy to arrange to meet.


Please click on the link below to read our two most recent parental feedback from formal surveys.

On occasion parents take the time to write to us. This is particularly heart-warming and here are some extracts.


"We have watched our children grow edging towards those dreaded teenage years, and what we’ve seen is nothing short of remarkable.  They have turned from those teary eyed 4 year olds to strong, confident young people.  Young people who want to learn, they’re not forced to do it or feel pressure if they don’t do something right, they want to do it, they want to learn, to better themselves and are constantly encouraged to do their best.  And what does all that bring, it brings confident, happy young people who are comfortable with who they are and where they are going."   Y6 Parent


"You change children’s lives, you breed confidence, you alter the way they approach challenges in life – basically what you do really, really, REALLY matters as there is nothing more important in our lives as our children. We applaud every single one of your team for the effort and care they put in. We congratulate the children, teachers and staff at Garswood Primary for everything they have done, every single one of you should stand tall and proud of what you have achieved.  Thank you!" - Y6 parent


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