The Great Garswood Bake-Off!

Garswood held its second annual bake-off! Classes based their creations on the book or the Challenge Question that they were studying in class. 

Dignitaries and representatives from local businesses in our community  were invited in to judge the winners - our special guests included the Mayor and Mayoress of St Helens. 

It was a fierce competition, children and staff put their hearts and souls into their recipes but the overall winners on the day were Year One. As part of their prize they got to make and sell their winning cakes to the whole school. 


Ready, Steady, Can't Cook, Won't Bake Off 2015


In 2015, we ramped up the challenge! The classes were each given only 5 ingredients and a limited larder, with which to create their culinary masterpieces! 

The 5 ingredients were - cream cheese, pineapple slices, carrots, fresh beetroot and tomatoes. Who knew you could create such amazing things. Ranging from no sugar beetroot brownies, pineapple cheesecake, carrot cake, vegetable smoothies, yoghurt and beetroot dip with crudites, chocolate mousse, garlic doughballs, tomato bread and even a beetroot, cream cheese and pineapple pizza with a carrot and tomato puree! - the inventions were astounding! What amazing children, families and staff we have.


The winners were our Year 6 children who impressed the judges particularly with their bread making skills. However, we are all winners - we've learnt new skills, applied practical maths, solved problems, developed our vocabulary, we've been creative, resilient at times and very resourceful   - and who knew you can do so much with so few ingredients! 


Thank you to our judging panel - the Catering Manager and the Executive chef  from St. Helens Council, the school cook and Amanda from the delicatessen and sandwich shop in Garswood. They had a very difficult job.

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