Garswood Child Governors

Children in Y5 and Y6 submit applications to become Child Governors.

These are examined by the Governing Body who select children for the individual committees.

There are three committees of Child Governors that parallel the actual Governing Body of Garswood.

  • Finance, building, staffing and pay committee
  • Quality of Education committee 
  • Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Behaviour and Equality

The minutes from these meetings are shared with the Governors so the children's voice can be heard in moving the school forwards and in making the big decisions. Cllr Sue Murphy attends the meetings as Chair of Governors. 

Annually child Governor representatives from each committee attend the actual Governor sub committee meetings.

Decisions and actions that have recommended and adopted by these committees include

  • banning crisps as a snack at playtime
  • remodelling the junior shop - Garsmart
  • purchasing a Smooga for our playground
  • deciding on the appearance of our new lunch menu
  • deciding on and planning Harry Potter Book night
  • developing the Child friendly anti-bullying policy and deciding sanctions
  • developing 'Our Promise' - what every child should experience before they leave our school
  • awareness raising about dangerous dogs by developing a power point and presenting in assembly 
  • debating and researching a change of instrument for our music tuition 
  • Re-start 'Wake up and Shake up Wednesday"

They have been very effective and the discussions and recommendations really inform the Governors of Garswood School.

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