Poetry Festival

Having welcomed poet Paul Delaney into school to work with our Y4 and 5 children for the morning it was a lovely culmination to his work to accompany two of our pupils to the St Helens Poetry Festival, hosted in one of our Network Schools.

Led and creatively facilitated by local poet Paul Delaney, all schools had the chance to work with Paul in advance of the evening, and during the evening, the children performed their poems. Children from each of the schools represented performed wonderfully. 

I was extremely proud of our Y4 pupils Katie and Robert, who held their own with pupils from Y6 in other schools. They both were wonderful, The cherry on the cake was when Katie secured third place, voted by the panel of judges. 

What a superb achievement! With the prize of a poetry book. note pad and beautiful painted plate 'St Helens Poetry Festival Winner' - Katie was grinning from ear to ear. Well done. Superb achievement for Garswood! They both did our school proud.

Here is a link showing Katie collecting her prize.


and some further details about Paul Delaney and the Poetry festival



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