Houses - Democracy in Action!

In our school we have 4 houses.

Chestnut, Elder, Rowan and Sycamore

Each of the four houses are named after trees.

The houses are also each associated with a colour and children have a PE t-shirt in the colour of their house.

Chestnut is green, Elder is blue, Rowan is red and Sycamore is yellow.

Each week children can earn house points. These can be awarded for courtesy, good behaviour, great standard of work, homework, effort, entering the lunchtime maths challange...lots of things! They soon mount up.

At the end of every week in our merit assembly we check which house is in the lead.

At the end of each half term we have a winning house! The chidlren in the house collectively meet with Mrs Potter or Mr Yearsley and negotiate their reward - discussing options and democratically voting on the selected choices. So far houses have chosen - an own clothes day for their house, an extra playtime, a buffet, an extra playtime on the school field, a pyjama day! Who knows what they'll choose next!

On Sports Day the houses compete against each other. At the end of the event we award a Sports Day trophy to the winning house. This is alongside the individual races that we hold as part of the day.



House Captains

When in Year 6 it is the chance to be voted in as a House Captain. However, firstly the campaigning takes place. The children in Year 6 make persuasive posters and write their campaign speech to secure the majority of votes.  When delivering their speech to their house they need to be prepared for a grilling! The children expect their House Captain to set an excellent example and encourage them all to gain points for their house. The House Captains also have to give a speech if they win the house trophy so they have to show their houses that they can give a rousing speech!  The children rise to the challenge and it's always a close run race. When the votes are counted, the House Captains are announced!

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