COVID information and Home Learning Resources

Covid-19 response at Garswood:

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Covid guidance for schools

There are no longer any restrictions regarding COVID. During the pandemic we set up various systems to ensure learning could continue.


Remote Learning via Teams:

At Garswood we set up a Microsoft TEAMs account for all children.  This application is GDPR compliant and allows us to upload files and folders unique to each class and add links to particular websites, video lesson links and folders of work.

There is also a facility on this application to have a conversation between class pupils and their class teacher (Visible to all class users at all times and monitored by the school and local authority). We have disabled the chat facility so that children and staff cannot 'chat' one to one in doing so protecting all members. 

We have attached a word document below (see image) with full guidance on how to access the application from home. Usernames and passwords have now been created and a guide e-mailed out to parents/carers.  Please don't forget that when you first log onto TEAMs please add to the end of your username.





Internet Matters!

Please take some time to look through this website for parents before your children undertake screen time learning or socialising.  There are guides, resources and presentations available to help us all understanding the bigger online world.


Please also log onto our Teams class pages for further, more age specific Internet safety packs.

When virtual learning, communicating, gaming and interacting online it is important to refamiliarise yourself with the online parents guides for all the social media platforms, games and sites. This will help with information on age restrictions, and parental controls that can be put in place to keep our children safe.

And finally...... If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you can enrol yourself onto an Internet Safety course from the National Online Safety.  A very worthwhile accredited course to help keep your child safe online.

Stay safe.


Curriculum Sites:
Garswood Sites we already subscribe to...

You will have already been provided with log in details to these sites if suitable for your child's age.



Other useful sites:



Sites for all subjects:


TTS Packs (All areas, all ages)
Teach Starter (All areas, learning packs)
Classroom Secrets (All areas, learning packs)
Robin Hood Mats (Home learning projects, all ages)
Deepening Understanding (All subjects, all areas)
Muddy Puddle (Outdoor learning, all ages)



Sites for Mathematics learning:




Sites for English learning:



Sites for Reading:




Sites for Spelling, Grammar and Phonics:




Sites for Foundation subjects:


Tynker (Computer coding, 5+) 
Active History (History, all ages)
All Kids Network (all areas, all ages)
Bamboo Education  (Alexa skills, all ages)
Bark (Online safety, all ages)
Conjuguemos  (MFL, Juniors)
Duolingo (MFL, all ages)
Dyslexia Academy  (Dyslexia support, all ages)
Everyday Earth  (Geography, all ages)
Geopolaris (Geography, all ages)
Little Twisters (Yoga, all ages)
Mystery Science (Science, all ages)
Phet  (Science, all ages)
Cosmic Yoga (Yoga, all ages)



APPS for Tablets and Phones:

We have also attached a document with some great education APPS for you to upload onto devices at home. The price (most are free), suitability and subjects are in displayed on the table.


Please be extra vigilant when children are using devices and online content at home, please see our online safety page for parents guides on many of the popular social media sites and games.

Garswood’s Internet Support Team is a network of children across KS2 who show an aptitude towards computing and a particular interest in e safety across the school. Meeting are led by Miss Moon the computing lead and discussions from team meetings are shared with the deputy head and specific learning assistants. They are involved in all major e safety decisions across the school and will often disseminate information across the school.

  • What does the team do?

    The GIST Team created an action plan to ensure e safety is current and happening across Garswood Primary, training is in place and policies are adhered to. They create, plan and deliver training across the school and share results and information they have gained with staff and Governors.

  • How do they tackle e safety at Garswood?

The team have a number of duties with regards to e safety, their action plan includes….

  • Creating presentations to staff and pupils

  • Carry out surveys and analyse the information gained.

  • Create posters and information leaflets for various audiences with regards to e safety.

  • Discuss policies and action plans and ways to move forward

  • Create online and virtual resources for various people to access.

  • Create solutions to e safety problems as they arise 



Though you may be working remotely, we are always here and are always available.  If you have any requests, questions or general enquiries please email us at:

[email protected]


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