We provide a wide range of sports clubs throughout the year for our children to participate in. Some of the clubs you may like to try are:


Football, Rugby, Netball, Gymnastics, Badminton, Judo, Rounders, Athletics, Yoga, Cricket, Archery, Dance and traditional Morris Dancing.


Letters will be sent home advertising the clubs and the age groups they are open to at the beginning of each term. Clubs normally take place either at luchtime or after school.

We have entered numerous competitive sports events and our team show excellent sportsmanship. We also host an annual Sports Day with traditional races as well as team based activities.


At Garswood Primary School we are conscious of our environment.  We are always thinking of ways to save our planet and like to encourage more environmentally friendly forms of transport.  On certain days during the year we have a 'Bike It Breakfast'  where children and adults come to school on their bikes.  For those that do we have a breakfast waiting for them and a place to store their bikes.  Not only is this an environmental initiative but has the added benefit of helping children to keep fit and healthy by taking part in exercise.  Children come into school energised, excited and ready to learn. We built a bike shelter at the front of the school to encourage this healthy approach to start the day!



Swimming is such an important skill to learn. We take children to swimming lessons throughout the year and offer additonal sessions for those children who are less confident around water! We aim for all our children to be confident at swimming by the time they leave school and our school swimming attainment is displayed as part of our Sports Premium Strategy.



Garswood School is also in a network with 12 other schools. 

The PE leads meet half termly and plan network competitions and share expertise and skills. This enhances our provision and supports schools across St Helens in doing the same.



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