Tot's Club

Due to the COVID pandemic we are not currently able to offer Tot's club out to the wider community of Garswood. We hope this will change soon and will let you know when it does.  Please see below for the usual provision, that we hope to return to soon.


Garswood is not just for children of primary age. It is important that when children start school for the first time they are not intimidated by a new environment, so we encourage children to see the school before they actually reach school age. We welcome everyone from old to young at clubs and events throughout the year. One club for the younger members of the local community is our Tot's Club.


Do you have a toddler or a baby? 

Why not come along to our Tot's club?


Tot's club is open to any preschool child. Come along, relax and let your child explore the resources available. We have lots of fantastic toys to play with including trikes and soft play which children can explore in a very safe and well supervised environment. Young toddlers love to experience the twelve foot screen in the main school hall to watch educational films or websites. We have a wide range of music to listen to which adds to the calming environment.


It is a great place to meet toddlers of a similar age and for busy parents to socialise with other understanding parents who they can share tales and advice with. There is also time set aside for refreshments for both old and young including tea, juice, sandwiches and biscuits. Being a healthy eating school we like to promote this to our younger children and also offer them a range of tasty, healthy snacks too!

Children aged 0 - 4 love the chance to start 'big school' early and experience all the stories their big brothers and sisters tell when they come home.


"It is a great opportunity for your toddlers to get used to the school environment, and see some friendly faces before they start school or begin nursery. School will no longer be such a daunting place!" -- Mrs Potter - Head Teacher


Everyone is welcome and we would love you and your youngest to come along and see us all. If you would like a more comprehensive overview of what Tot's club has to offer then please feel free to phone the school with any questions you have about Tot's Club and events that they undertake.


The Tot's club takes place in the school hall every Thursday from 9.00am until 10.45am.


The cost is £1.50 per family and refreshments are provided for both children and adults. 


We are looking forward to seeing you soon.......

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