Our Gallery

Peace Of Mind Cafe, by Mrs Myatt

Apple Crumble, by Mrs Hattersley

Fruit Kebabs, by Mrs Meehan

Pumpkin Picking, by Mrs Bagshaw

Visit to the Methodist Church, by Mrs Calderbank

Visit from an archeologist, by Mrs Calderbank

Y6 Gymnastics, by Mr Yearsley

Year 1 trip to Haigh Hall, by Mrs Meehan

School Council, by Mrs Bagshaw

First Phonics Writing, by Mrs Bagshaw

No Outsiders, by Mrs Bagshaw

Year 1's First Few Weeks, by Mrs Meehan

No Outsiders, by Mrs Calderbank

Egyptian Workshop, by Mrs Calderbank

Trip to Manchester, by Mrs Meehan

Holi, by Ms Dodd

Talking Teeth Visitor, by Ms Dodd

Lunar New Year, by Ms Dodd

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