Our Gallery

Maths Talk, by Miss Moon

Night Zoo Keeper, by Miss Moon

Programming, by Miss Moon

Webpage design, by Miss Moon

Greece in action, by Miss Moon

Material Hunters, by Mrs Meehan

Carols on the Car Park, by Miss Moon

Festive Fun, by Mrs Cripps

Party Time!, by Miss Moon

Reception Christmas Sing, by Mrs Bagshaw

Reception Post Office Visit, by Mrs Bagshaw

Investigating digestion, by Mrs Hattersley

Art - printing, by Mrs Wainwright

Y6 take on the Bacharach, by Mrs Wainwright

Our trip to Mattel Play, by Mrs Cripps

Firework Fun, by Mrs Cripps

Fencing assembly, by Miss Moon

Halloween fun, by Mrs Cripps

Halloween Prankster, by Miss Moon

Old Toys board game, by Miss Moon

Butterfly life cycles, by Miss Moon

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Tel: 01744 678290
Fax: 01744 678294