Welcome to 'The GIST' (Garswood Internet Safety Team)We are a group of children and teachers, created from Key Stage 2, who are tasked with ensuring Garswood is an Internet safe school.

We get together once a week to discuss issues of e safety.  We have agreed an action plan together to tackle e safety acoss the school.  We want to make sure everyone has the right information and resources to stay safe online and use the Internet for the wonderful resource it is.  Please look at our action plan below.


Under normal circumstances the GIST Team would met once a week but due to the pandemic over 2020-21 this was not possible.  The Team will be reestablished in September 2021.

Please see below for some of the events we have carried out last year. 

Do you get 'The GIST?'

How can you get involved?

Some of our others actions include geting parents and the community invovled and trained in current e safety issues.  We would love you to be involved! Scan in the QR code to look through some of the e safety training children and staff have taken part in already. Or alternatively download the parents survey below to complete our questionnaire on how you use the Internet at home. 


Please send it in so we can add it to our statistics and research.


Garswood 'e safety' in the community

Students from Garswood Primary School were part of a group of primary and secondary school students across St Helens who helped to create a new information page for St Helens Council's website explaining how to stay safe online.

The Be E-Safe, Be E-Smart initiative was originally a project to develop information leaflets.  The young people involved then wanted to turn this into a web information page.

The dedicated webpage, aimed at parents, carers and grandparents, features links to national websites, including CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection) and a 'Report It' button to flag up concerns or online abuse.

The children and young people who took part wanted their families to know how to keep them safe online.  In particular they felt it important to highlight:

  • Age restrictions on social networking sites
  • The need for house rules - setting limits for internet work and social use
  • Openness - being able to talk about online problems or concerns
  • The importance of sharing passwords only with their parents and carers
  • Knowing who their children were talking to

St Helens Council's Cabinet Member for Schools and Garswood Primary's Chair of Governors Sue Murphy said: "The launch of this online information is part of the wider St Helens plan to encourage us all to have a safe and sensible approach towards online relationships and internet use in the digital age."


How can we learn more about e safety?

In our ever-changing society social media plays an increasing role. We recommend these sites for information









Also we have some PowerPoints we have delivered to our staff and children in school to help them become more aware of e safety at school and at home.  Please feel free to open them below to learn more.


The 'GIST' Film:

The GIST team in 2017 decided to take on the whole of Garswood school. They wrote, produced and starred in a film to put across all that they had achieved over the year, with children parents and staff.  See below for the finished product.  The team took over the school for the day and became teachers of e safety for all the year groups.  What a fantastic job they did too! We plan to do an updated version of this soon!

Videos as chosen by 'The GIST'

Scroll down to see the two best videos as picked by our 'The GIST' team to cover esafey for children in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two'.  It would be a great idea to watch them as a family and discuss the main points after watching.





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