Y3 Stone Age WOW day

Lesson: History

Class: Year 3 Year: 2018 - 2019

Wow, what an exciting day for Y3 today! When the children arrived at school they discovered that their classroom had been transformed into a Stone Age workshop. Throughout the day, Mrs Ashby, from Real History Hire, delivered fascinating, hands on sessions, firstly detailing what we know about the Stone Age and also how the facts were gathered.

As the morning progressed, the children had time to explore precious artefacts whilst thinking of the connections between the objects. They even discoved that the Stone Age has been divided into three distinct periods:Paleolithic Period or Old Stone Age, Mesolithic Period or Middle Stone Age and the Neolithic Period or New Stone Age. The  children thought about the materials and what they were made from and what the uses may have been. The children also demonstrated excellent observational skills when they sketched their favourite  stone age artefact! Just before lunch, Mrs Ashby revealed what the key items were on each table, the connections between them, and deepened our knowledge about the Stone Age. We were inspired by how resourceful the Stone Age people were, we saw how they created tools and discovered how they learnt how to farm. We will certainly be taking the Stone Age skills into our Forest School to make our own tools for different purposes and uses just like our Stone Age ancestors.

After lunch was our Art and Craft workshop. Mrs Ashby explained how pots, jewellery and drawings would have been made and how they looked during the Stone Age. We then we had a go at making our own using sinews Stone Age necklaces (which we pretended were from real animals).

A thoroughly enjoyable day had by all! 

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