Stone Age Day

Lesson: History

Class: Year 3 Year: 2019 - 2020

Today Year 3 arrived at school to a wonderful surprise. Mrs Ashby, from Real History Hire, was delivering a Stone Age workshop for the day. The tables were covered in ‘animal skins’ and it was clear that objects were hidden underneath the fabric. Mrs Ashby gathered the children on the carpet and outlined the day. During the morning session, the children would be investigating and handling artefacts and the afternoon involved art activities.

Mrs Ashby began by introducing the Stone Age timeline and the key vocabulary, Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age), Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) and Neolithic (New Stone Age)

She outlined some key facts and shared some artefacts, discussing the materials used during the Stone Age. The class then divided into groups to carefully examine the artefacts under the cloths. The children needed think about the materials used, what they thought the objects were used for and how the objects on the tray were linked. The children then chose an object to sketch and Mrs Ashby revealed what the object was made from and its possible use.  The artefacts included objects and tools possibly used for mining, cooking, drawing and making clothing.

The afternoon involved the art activities. Mrs Ashby showed examples of Stone Age pottery, jewellery and art. The children used different skills and techniques and produced three pieces of art. The jewellery activity involved threading natural material (shells) onto thread, the drawing activity involved using the natural resource charcoal to draw Stone Age symbols and the final activity, the clay pots, involved making coil pots.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and thanked Mrs Ashby with comments such as, “Thank you so much. I wish we had just arrived at school so I could do it all again!” “I’ve loved learning about my favourite subject all day. It’s been such good fun!” “Thank you for the wonderful objects for us to look at, hold and smell. I now know lots more about the Stone Age!”  


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