Young Voices 2020

I was privileged to be able to attend Young Voices 2020 with our Y6 children on Friday 31st January 2020. It was truly amazing not only witnessing the children's glee and awe but seeing how kind, thoughtful and caring they are as a class. 

The event was spectacular - singing in the largest children's choir in the world, in a stadium that holds over 20,000 people. The children's voices singing lyrics about collaboration, being together, moving on and celebrating life meant the evening was certainly filled with goosebump moments. They held up their torches and put their arms around each other's shoulders. 

In addition, witnessing the children's delight when joining together in songs such as Ghostbusters and Oklahoma and seeing the lights fill the stadium and flash effects. It was an evening full of fun and peppered with emotion. 

However, a lasting memory for me personally is seeing how the children look out for each other and show such genuine care and interest. I could not have been prouder to be their Head teacher. Oh, and there were some great dance moves too!

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