The times they are a-changin'

Hello everyone!

It's that time of year again.

I can't wait to open school and welcome everyone back into Garswood. I have been writing to our parents and carers regularly throughout lockdown and as we approach reopening, so everyone should feel reassured and ready to go.

We have lots of new systems in place to make everyone feel safer. Wherever we can we have 'gone electronic' (which sounds very 80s!). Lunches can be pre-selected online, 'school money' means we can pay for everything online, after school and breakfast club can be booked online and we are delighted that Microsoft TEAMS was so well used over lockdown that we can now use it for online home learning too.

We have prepared our classrooms so they are bright and inviting and so that they comply with the recommendations to keep everyone safe. We have a wonderfully rich curriculum and a plan to catch up on those topics and key learning objectives that the children may have missed or may need to revisit.

The future looks bright and what is more, we are ready. Whatever happens, we will make sure the children continue to be cared for and catch up with their first class curriculum. Keep in touch, whoever and wherever you may be and if you have any questions or queries then email us at 

Good luck to our Year 6 leavers who will be all starting their high schools and also good luck to those parents who will be seeing their babies head off into nursery or school for the first time. These years go so fast and recent times have certainly taught us how important it is to 'treasure the little things because one day we'll look back and realise they were the big things'.

 Be kind to yourself and each other,

Pamela Potter



Please note, there is support and guidance from the Government and from the Local Authority. These should be read alongside all guidance that has been provided directly from the school.



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