The day the museum came to Y4

What an exciting morning for Y4. Mrs Hall from Liverpool University Museum, brought some amazing artefacts to school today. This was to enhance our Science lesson on different types of teeth and their uses. We also wanted to hear about how artefacts can help us learn about the past.

Mrs Hall shared a powerpoint of pictures and photographs of the history of dentistry. We looked for clues about who was in pain, who was removing the tooth, where it was taking place etc. We learnt that in the past there was no anesthetic; teeth were removed by people who had the tools such as Blacksmiths; people would pay to watch people having teeth removed for pleasure; poor people would be paid for their teeth and they would be inserted in rich peoples mouths. We also heard how Victorian children would save their money to be able to buy a toothbrush. We realised how lucky we are today! 

The artefacts were then placed carefully on the tables and the children had clues to solve. Such as, what remedies were believed to cure toothache. These included spider fluid, salt mixed with warm water and the Roman's believed biting the head off a live mouse cured toothache! 

The children handled the skulls carefully to look at the shapes of the teeth and considered what different teeth were used for. They used the vocabulary omnivore, herbivore and carnivore to describe the animal that the skull and the teeth belonged to.

At the end of the session, the children asked Mrs Hall questions about the artefacts and about what else they could see at the museum.

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