The Big Breaktime

We all learnt through the pandemic how being together is important. We remembered that the simple things in life matter. We realised that we all need to feel part of a family, part of a community; finding strength and friendship in one another.

This year the NSPCC launched a fundraising idea 'The Big Breaktime'. We saw this as a great opportunity - not only to support fundraising for an important and worthy cause, but also to do the things the that we know matter such a lot - spending time with each other, playing and having fun. 

So, on Friday 11th June 2022, we took to the playground and the field - staff and children together - and we played. It was a great opportunity to launch the playground resources that have been planned and sourced by the school council and a great opportunity to have some fun. The sun shone down on us as we smiled and laughed; batted and bowled; chatted and giggled. 

You'll see below from the photographs that it was a sunny, colourful, hour together - enjoying life.

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