A 2 minute slience was observed at 11 o'clock to remember those who have served and those who have sacrificed. 

As we could not gather together for our usual assembly, today we held a virtual assembly. Thanks to the British Legion and the Literacy Trust who had produced some excellent resources to support our children in understanding why we have the silence and why it is important to remember. 

This year we celebrate 75 years since the end of war in Europe in 1945 and we will remember:

•The British and Commonwealth forces who fought in the war and the freedom their service and sacrifice gave us

•All the people who did not come home

•All the people who rebuilt the country after the war

•The people who help us today

Across the school children also joined in activities ranging from art work to poetry to commemorate this event and at the end of the day all of our childen took home a packet of poppy seeds, funded through our local Parish Council.


Tune in below to two videos we shared with our children.

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