Having had the pleasure of PGL with Y4 and Y5 over the last dew days - I write with absolute pride. The children were amazing in their conduct, manners, effort and resilience. There is no doubt staying away from home for two nights when you are 8 years old is tricky but not only were the children independent and determined, they also had a fantastic time. Throwing themselves into the activities whole-heartedly - it was amazing to see what they achieved and the subsequent pride they felt. 

They had the opportunity to do the giant swing, tunnel trail, climbing, trapeze, kayaking, problem solving and zip wire as well as playing Passport to the World and enjoying campfire songs and jokes.

The holiday, in cabins near the forest, surrounded by squirrels, rabbits and all sorts of other creatures, birds and bugs - is a chance for the children to experience something completely different - and all in the company of their classmates.

There are some images below but if you'd like to see more there will be a full gallery coming soon.

Well done to the 44 Y4 and Y5 children! You were amazing!  

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