Lockdown Part 2... or 3?

Once again we find ourselves in a situation we could never have imagined.

School is now closed to all but the vulnerable children and the children of critical workers.

Though this is not a situation that any of us would want, it is necessary and important to keep our community safe.

We are forever grateful to the families working incredibly hard at home to deliver remote learning. We are pleased to be able to provide such a comprehensive offer. This includes teachers providing 'live lessons' to those at home and giving feedback to the children on the work they submit on the TEAMs platform. We are delighted that families have been happy with this with comments such as;

“We think the offer is incredible, it is just what we were hoping for if this situation happened again. … The fact that you are constantly looking to improve your offering and actively seeking feedback speaks to how well run the school is, how secure you are in your relationship with your pupils and parents. All of Garswood Primaries' staff are to be applauded for their incredible efforts on behalf of our children, you are all amazing and we are so grateful and appreciative."


Garswood is an amazing community and one of which we are lucky to be part.

We are always here to help and if you need to get in touch then email us at garswood@sthelens.org.uk or contact us by telephone on 01744 678290 during office hours. We will always do what ever we can to help. We are in this together. 

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