London with Lions and Leviosa!

What an absolute privilege it was to accompany Y6 children to London. 28 children headed to the capital and had an amazing experience. 

Following an initial sightseeing tour taking in Piccadilly Circus and Downing Street, we headed to the Rainforest Cafe for our dinner. As the thunder and lightening happened around us we tucked into tasty treats. However, the animals we saw in the rainforest weren't a patch on those we then saw when we watched The Lion King later that night, at the Lyceum Theatre. It was an amazing, captivating performance.

Though it was a late night we had an early start. Following a three course breakfast at the Premier Inn we headed for a cruise on the Thames. We sat up top enjoying the views and the sunshine. However, it was the flight on the London Eye that was the journey of the day. The children were enthralled and spotted the various sights around the city, including the Shard and St Paul's Cathedral. The 4D experience to follow filled the room with squeals of delight and their hair with 'snow'.

Before tea we had time for the Natural History Museum, paying special attention to the dinosaurs, fossils and natural disasters. We headed out for a walk to Buckingham Palace and watched as people left the garden party in their finery. We headed to the park for a relax and a run around before then rocking out for tea at the Hard Rock Cafe. This still left us with enough time to head to Leicester Square and pick up some purchases - with the Lego Shop and the M&M Shop the usual favourites. Our walk back to the coach was through Trafalgar Square. What a beautiful sight at this time of night - with the fountain lit up. A great way to end the day.

The final day, as we packed up our cases, was still a great opportunity for adventure as we headed to Warner Bros Studio Tour The Making of Harry Potter. We even got to experience the new Gringott's area - on top of the Hogwart's Express, Forbidden Forest and Diagon Alley. It was certainly magical and our mischief was managed! Following some Butterbeer we headed home with amazing memories.

I could not be prouder of the children and on two different occasions we had members of the public commenting on their excellent behaviour. We also had someone comment how he'd never seen a school trip in the Lego shop at 9pm but -  heyho - we made the very most of our time there!

It is such an amazing trip for our children and I'm delighted to have staff and Governors who support this opportunity for our children and for families who allow their children to benefit.


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