Jubilations for the Jubilee

Week beginning 23rd May saw a truly awe-inspiring Garswood Primary and Nursery School Platinum Jubilee celebration.

Across the week children considered carefully their hopes and dreams for the next 70 years as we created a 'River of Hope'. 'Stop poaching; a greener world; stop war; everyone be kind,' are some examples of the children's thoughts and ideas. They decorated flags to represent their ideas, dreams and wishes and these are now on display in the main corridor through school.

'Decade day' on Thursday saw a visual timeline of the last 70 years - how styles have changed - not least in the costumes worn by the staff! Children and staff came dressed to represent a particular decade - making us all realise how times have changed so much over the last 70 years of the Queen's reign.

To further develop the concept of chronology and change and continuity in history, mini-museums were created by each class. These contained items reflecting each decade and when they were all displayed together in the hall it enabled us to have our very own history museum. We created a real life timeline in the hall for the children to visit – so they could see the changes over the last 70 years.

Finally, on Friday 27th May we held our red, white and blue jubilee day. We enjoyed a ‘street party’ on the playground – eating a fantastic lunch outside, prepared by our school cook, and then playing games together. The games culminated with a whole school conga which led us collectively to the site of the tree planting ceremony. We all sat together when the youngest child in our nursery and the oldest child in the school ceremoniously planted a tree – as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy – ‘plant a tree for the jubilee’. Children from each class assisted, adding soil with a spade. A plaque now marks the tree - commemorating this event. It was such an amazing day with some of our children and staff saying it was ‘the best day ever’!

A lovely way to finish for a week’s break. However, we look forward to seeing our children on Monday 6th June 2022 - back in school for the final half term of the year. 

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