Final days

It never gets easier!

Saying goodbye to Y6 children as they leave to move onto high school is a time fraught with emotion. Granted, we are delighted and so proud to see the people they have become - since joining us as 3 and 4 year olds but letting go - there is no doubt - is hard! 

Perhaps it's because we are such a tight community, perhaps it's because we work closely as a partnership, perhaps it's because we've seen whole families go through the school, perhaps it's because we begin to feel part of those families and then one day they leave. crying

Today was lovely. It was a lovely celebration of the time the Y6 children have spent at Garswood. The Leavers' Assembly went ahead with some fabulous videos of the times the children have spent with us and it was a pleasure to host our families as the children began the ritual signing of the t-shirts.

We are enormously proud of all of our Y6 children and they leave today with our very best wishes for the adventure that lies ahead.


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