Exciting curriculum

When I walk around the school it never fails to amaze me how much the children get to experience. I'm often walking into an empty classroom because the children are off exploring and learning things first hand - this is just so wonderful. From nursery children exploring the school and listening for sounds to Y1 visiting the farm to Y3 travelling to Wakefield to the National Mining Museum and actually going down a working mine shaft. 

And then we have the other amazing classroom based activities - making castles with working drawbridges in Y4, exploring the solar system in Y5 with the blow up planets, Y2 learning about Sukkot having made resources in forest school, Y6 tackling the 100 book challenge and Reception having enjoyed harvesting their courgettes - making courgette spaghetti. It's been a super start to this school year - with motivated children and staff all giving their very best.

The kindness flags for our Year of Kindness billow softly on the junior corridor, spreading kindness around the school and reminding us all how much we can make a difference to someone else just by being kind.

Pamela Potter

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