Easter break

The term ended in a flurry of activity.

Of course, we said a great big goodbye to Mrs Barbara Moore, our cleaner, who retired after 34 years service. We also said a fond farewell to Miss Laura Turner who has taken up a new post, teaching at a Special School. These goodbyes are always emotional, with people taking the next step in their journey. However, we take the opportuity to celebrate the impact they have had on Garswood School and recognise the lives that they have touched. Both go with very best wishes and lots of love.

We welcome to our school Mr Dave Sharrock - our new caretaker. We are delighted that we have someone to undertake this role again at the school and on his first day we've already felt the impact. He's a very welcome addition to the team and our children and families will soon get to know him as he greets everyone on the gate each day.

We also welcome, back from her maternity leave, Mrs Rollason! We are delighted to have her back and Mrs Rollason will be teaching in Reception and Year 3 alongwith Mrs Bagshaw and Miss Jenkinson. Miss Bloor will also be joining us again - well known and no doubt a popular return to our Year 1 class. What wonderful news for all our children!

Y4 are lucky enough to be getting Miss Eleanor Tominson as their new teacher. Miss Tomlinson has worked at Garswood since September so is making an easy transition into this role. We're certain to see smiles - and children continuing to thrive - in Y4. 

We celebrated the end of term in the usual fashion - recognising our citizenship award winners. Congratulations to of those who achieved this - a wonderful accolade. We awarded more kindness badges and presented an award for 100% attendance and 95%+ attendance. We drew the raffle to win Easter treat donated from FROGs (Friends and Relatives of Garswood School) - Emma in Y5 was the lucky winner there. Rowan House were the winners of the House Cup this half term so can look forward to negotiating a treat next half term.

The School Council also had the challenging job of choosing from the entries of the Easter competition. Bonnets and eggs were decorated and designed to such a high standard. The overall winners were Isabelle - Y4 and Milo - Reception. Class winners included Hogwart's 'Egg'press and Violet Beaur'egg'guarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Congratulations to everyone who entered - they were superb!

Thank you to everyone for your effort and support this term. I hope everyone has a restful break and look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 23rd April 2019.

Pamela Potter



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