A decade in a day challenge

It was an ambitious challenge but the children and staff have risen to it!

"Learn about a decade in a day and then share learning with the whole school in a short assembly at the end of the day."

Truly spectacular  Y5 - 1920s on Monday; Y6 - 1940s on Tuesday; Y2 - 1950s and Y3 - 1960s on Wednesday. We are learning so much on a whistlestop tour through time.

We are looking forward to Reception 1970s; Y4 - 1980s and Y1 - 1990s later this week!


Later that week... we had the opportunity to continue with some superb learning from the remaining classes - before nursery blasted us into the future! Well done Receptiom, Y4, Y1 and nursery.

What a superb way to travel through time.




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