Year 6 Play gets under way!

Date: 17th May 2015 @ 10:07am

It's a very exciting time in Year 6 as we start our rehearsals for our 'Robin Hood' play. Children will be bringing scripts home this week to start practising their lines. Below is the information from the play producers on the costumes we will need. If anyone can help we would be very grateful. Please do not spend lots of money and we will try to source things within school but if you can get parts of costumes together it would be a massive help. If you have difficulty getting hold of things please let me know...


The iconic style of Robin Hood can be used to great effect when costuming this show, with plenty of tunics, tights, feathered hats and chain mail! The Merry Men should sport the traditional “Robin Hood” look with white long-sleeved shirts under a green tunic with a belt, green tights and feathered hat. However, individual touches can be added for different characters. Robin should stand out with perhaps a slightly different coloured tunic, whilst Much can be hairy with muscle outlines drawn on his top. Alan should carry a lute but could also have musical notes to decorate his tunic. The Little John puppet needs to be dressed identically to Big John, possibly using a toddler’s dressing up costume. Dave could add leg warmers, wrist and head bands to his costume reminiscent of a 1970s disco dancer! However, the overall look of the troupe should be almost like a uniform, apart from Tuck who should wear the traditional monk’s long brown cassock, wig and fat tummy courtesy of a cushion or fat-suit. Will Scarlet should be costumed as the Merry Men, but with red tunic, tights and hat, not forgetting his glasses and his trusty bow over his shoulder.


Mock chain mail is an essential costume element for the Sheriff, Guards and Kings. A comedy element can be added to the Guards costumes by adding striped socks to their costumes. Gavin’s costume can also be comical, dressed as an over enthusiastic holiday camp rep - bright coloured blazer with white shorts, polo shirt, knee length socks and plimsolls. This will contrast well with the unsightly “Quasimodo” look of Genghis – lots of raggedy clothes, unruly hair and a dirty face! Grabbit and Bolt could wear matching bright stripy tights and tunics with a large G or B on the front, whilst Billy Wigglestick could be dressed as a wandering minstrel, court jester or Shakespearian playwright!


The Skunk Scouts need a traditional “scout” look, but with added colour. Try khaki knee-length shorts & t-shirts with stripy knee-length socks and red & white spotty neckerchiefs, topped off with a traditional brown “Baden-Powell” hat. The Villagers should be costumed simply and uniformly, but avoid depressing peasant colours! Girls can wear brightly coloured stripy or spotty skirts topped with a blouse and mob cap whilst boys can wear knee-length trousers, shirts and waistcoats, perhaps with neckerchiefs to match the girls’ skirts. Guy and Gladys are wealthy and should be dressed accordingly. Maid Marion could wear a traditional long dress and garland of flowers in her hair, whilst Nursie’s eccentric “dame” character can be emphasised by a more outlandish costume, possibly with a comic wig and glasses. Remember, an authentic but colourful look will transport the audience to Sherwood Forest- plenty of tunics, tights and chain mail, but don’t forget your stripy socks!

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Mrs Wainwright wrote:

Please label anything you send in and we will return it after the performance.

Madison F wrote:

I know what I need to wear now thanks Mrs Wainwright

mikey wrote:

miss what do I need

Joshua R wrote:

How will we make the chain metal kind of look?

Mrs Wainwright wrote:

Mikey we will look in class - probably tights and a tunic. Joshua I've seen a really great way of using metallic spray paint and a woolly jumper so don't worry just yet we've got ages :)

Daniel M wrote:

cant wait, king John is on his way

poppy and frankie wrote:

looking forward to the play cant wait!

poppy and Frankie xx

Joshua R wrote:

I loved the play.

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