Science and #Thedress

Date: 27th Feb 2015 @ 10:05pm

So #Thedress has gone viral today as social media and the news report controversy over a dress. Is it black and blue or white and gold? This ties in with what we were learning about in Science this week - are colours real? Year 6 learnt that light is made up of lots of colours and when light is refracted through water the result is a rainbow. We used the following page and the desert scene to explore how we see colours.

 We also found out that our jumpers appear purple because they reflect purple light and absorb all other colours, but one person's purple could be very different to another persons and it's all due to the cones and rods in the back of our eyes, which is what the dress proves. So what do you see? A black and blue dress or a white and gold one?

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Mrs Potter wrote:

The dress looks white and gold to me. What an interesting thought - that colour is perceived differently by everyone.

Emma Brisco wrote:

I see it Black and Blue

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