Red Nose Day ...or Custard Capers!

Date: 13th Mar 2015 @ 7:37pm

I am delighted that we raised over £600 in total for Comic Relief!

However, it was not a relief to have custard poured over my head today!

It was rather alarmingly warm at first but very quicky became freezing cold!

In spite of Mr Yearlsey contesting that he had bigger children pouring custard over him - the little ones certainly did a thorough job. Mr Yearsley also made sure he had a go too - just to make sure I was completely gunged by the end of the assembly.

It was great to see the children enjoying the event and cheering us on!

I'm not sure I'll be eating custard in the near future though!

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Isobelle S and Erin B wrote:

You're wellcome

isla,Grace,George and Aiden wrote:

Mrs Potter and Mr Yesly got covered in custard!

Charlie and Luke wrote:

It was funny and very funky

Pamela Potter wrote:

I'm glad you thought it was funny. We certainly made our faces funny for money for Comic Relief!

Danny and codie wrote:

its was fun

Grace wrote wrote:

it was funny!!!!!!!!

Lily and Alice !!!!!!! wrote:

It was very funny!! You made us laugh when you had all that custard on your head

Pamela Potter wrote:

I was laughing too! It was good fun.

Ellie Renshaw,Sophie Green and Erin Jones wrote:

Mrs Potter and Mr Yeadsly had clustered poured on there head

Hannah Rumsey wrote:

Mr Yearsley and Mrs Potter was funny

Erin Bardsley wrote:

You looked hilarious And Mr. Yaersley, he looked funny as well.

isla grace george and aiden wrote... wrote:

it was so funny it was dripping down there tops aswell

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