Other extra curricular clubs

Garsmart - School Shop

We have developed a school shop that , fitting with our Healthy School status, only sells healthy snacks.  It is available at breaktimes for the Junior children to access and is completely run by the children.

We have a school shop team with directors, a marketing team and sales managers. Each week the stock is monitored and one of the shop team ring to order more from Fruit to Suit.


It's a fantastic enterprise and whilst the children get healthy snacks they also learn how to run a business!



Mrs Hattersley leads a determined group of junior children who want to improve our school and do a great job of it too!



Miss Moon runs a club of Internet safety warriors known as GIST (Garswood Internet Safety Team) whose job is to educate the school and beyond about matters of Internet safety. They have their own website page in our e safety section!


Maths Ambassadors

Miss Moon is in charge of a group of children who promote maths across the school through challenges and puzzles to get everyone to love maths as much as they do.


School Council

Mrs Rollason runs a council meeting on Wednesday lunchtimes to discuss important issues throughout the school. They feed back to the senior leadership team and the children in the school.


Singing Club

Mrs Wainwright runs a singing club on Friday lunchtimes for children from Year 2 to Year 6. They enjoy singing at community events for example 'Carols on the Car park' at Garswood Primary and singing Christmas Carols around the tree at the Stag, a community pub.


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