Garswood Maths Ambassadors

At Garswood we try and keep our maths at a high profile throughout the school, making it fun, tricky, challenging, competitive and most of everthing!

This is a lot to promote so we thought we'd get some experts in to keep a close eye on maths taking place throughout the school and to ensure children are always thinking mathematically in their Garswood environment.  These experts are our ........


Garswood Maths Ambassadors

Our maths ambassadors change over in September 2021 (due to Covid this cannot currently take place) so we have time to train up some new recruits.  Our last set of maths ambassadors have set the standard with their adventures below..... I wonder what the next set of ambassadors will achieve  - watch this space!

Maths Ambassador Bar Badge by School Badges UK


Our Ambassadors were chosen from a group of year 6 children who show enthusiasm for maths and enjoys solving problems. 

They have made a promise to spread the word about how good maths is, how useful it is and how fun it is!

This page is here to show you how their role operates in o

Their Role:

The role of the Garswood Maths Ambassador is....

  • To share a love of maths with their class.
  • To celebrate achievements.
  • To introduce competitions and new ideas.
  • To raise the profile of maths in school.
  • To lead activities relating to maths.
  • To give the pupils in their class a voice and help them share their ideas.
  • To support other members of the school.

Keep watching on this page to read about the fantastic events our Maths Ambassadors have contributed to and sometimes even led.

So far.........

September 2019 - With the help of their class, the Maths Ambassadors each designed a PowerPoint slide with a maths problem on it.  One problem for Key Stage 1 and another for Key Stage 2.  These are now displayed in the hall on the interactive whitebaord at lunchtime.  Anyone can enter the competition during their dinnertime and the winners with the right answer (chosen at random from all correct answers) are awarded house points for their team.  The  with the most entries are also awarded points in our Friday merit assembly.

January 2020 - The Maths Ambassadors have decided to go to Year 1 straight after dinnertime, just for ten minutes, to show some of the Infants (chosen by the teacher) how to use concrete resources from their maths area to support their calcualtions.

February 2020 - The children designed some bright, colourful problem solving maths posters to help children across the school with some of the tricker calculations using our calculation policy to guide them.

March 2020 - The Maths Ambassadors carried out a 'maths learning walk' across the school to take note of the maths displayed in each classroom and resources availbale to the children in each.

April 2020 - The  Maths Ambassadors investigated the maths vocabulary across the school.  Making a note of mathematical and age appropriate terms for each year hgroup to find any misconceptions, or vocabulary chidlren just didn't know.  After monitoring they will spread the word to teachers and aim to ensure next time they monitor, all children will know these terms.

Future Fun?

At a recent meeting the Maths Ambassadors came up with a few ideas for what they would like to implement to raise the profile of maths in the summer term........

To place more maths resources on corridors such as number lines spanning the lengths and more problem solving posters for chidlren to attempt as they are on their travels.

To lead some break time games for children to play, especially the Infants, such as last man standing and puppets for number rhymes, multiplication games, snakes and ladders, throwing items into a cirlce and adding etc....

To trial new maths games available on the Internet or APPs through the ipads looking for pros and cons and judging whether they are promoting and teaching effective maths strategies.

Starting a TT Rockstars club for children to attend at lunchtime in the computer suite to spread the multiplication  news and encourage quick fire strategies across the school.


To design and print a list of maths problems to cut out and place on the tables at lunchtime for children to discuss and solve with their friends.  This will show everyone how fun it is to work together to solve a problem!

It will also show everyone that talking about maths and trying to break down a problem is just as important as working out a problem in a work book.


Put a table in the Shelter outside and whiteboards so that children can come and ask how to solve problems and learn about multiplication strategies.  The Maths Ambassadors are there as a 'help station' for all your maths needs.

Watch this space and click on resources below to see what else our Maths Ambassadors have achieved!


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