Year group maps

Please see below the Curriculum Maps for each individual Year group.  

English - builds on the National Curriculum and links together speicifc Year group texts that have been carefully chosen to suit children's ability and link with the wider Curriculum.  It also promotes and interweaves writing genres and grammatical context to be considered during each half term.

Mathematics  - Mathematics combines objectives from White Rose Steps for learning and the National Curriculum objectives along with resources from nrich, maths bot, ISee Maths and many other resources to deliver a wide and varied set of resources in order to gain full understanding in fluency, reasoning and problem solving across the Mathematics Curriculum.

Year Group Curriculum Maps - Over the course of the year Garswood staff meet regularly to ensure these maps are adpated and changed according to findings throughout the year.  The Curriculum within Garswood is constantly being discussed and develped to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children.  We aim for children to leave each unit of work with a specific set of 'sticky knowledge' to take with them into the next subject and eventually next year group.  We link together and build on our Curriculum as often as possible to enhance ties between subjects and allow chidlren to fully progress in their specific subject skills. 


Click the link to below to view the National Curriculum objectives:

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